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Types of Massage

Swedish Massage -Light pressure used for a relaxing mind and body massage.

Deep Muscle Massage - Deep pressure points used on areas of congestion in the muscles to relive tension, along with Swedish Massage.

Pregnancy Massage - Women with normal, low risk pregnancies can benefit from massage. Massage is given in all three trimester to help  reduce swelling/edema, relieve pain from viscosities, reduce fatigue and help enhance sleep. Special pillows are used that support you and the baby on your side or stomach. Doctors note required.

Hot and Cold Stone Therapy - This massage is very relaxing with the use of basalt stones heated up and placed on the body, small to medium size stones are used to massage the body with. Along with the use of aroma therapy oils to enhance the relaxation.

Reflexology - Is a method using pressure points with the thumb and fingers to stimulate the nerve ending in the hands and feet. Reflexology can improve circulation throughout the body by releasing blocked passages to restore normal balance throughout the body.

Bamboo Massage - Is a relaxing massage performed with warm bamboo tools in varying shapes and sizes to reduce tension and stress. Bamboo provides relief from tight muscles and tendons, and stimulates the flow of blood and lymph.

Happy Feet - Fully clothed massage: A 20min. paraffin treatment for the feet, with a half hour of reflexology. While your feet are being rejuvenated in warm wax your hands and head receive an invigorating massage.

Lymphatic Massage: Light - Medium pressure used to assists in the removal of toxins from connecitve tissue and lymph nodes through out the body.


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